Quiz: Who originally recorded ″Lieblingsmensch″? | Popxport | DW | 30.06.2017
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Quiz: Who originally recorded "Lieblingsmensch"?

Take part in our quiz, and you could win great CDs. We play a cover of a German hit, and you tell us who did the original. This week, it's "Lieblingmensch." Who did it first? Was it:

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Who originally recorded "Lieblingsmensch"?

Who did the original version of "Lieblingsmensch"?



Cassandra Steen


We're giving away CDs by Lea Porcelaine, Alle Farben, Dellé and 2Raumwohnung.

The winner of the "Ist da jemand?"-quiz is Katja Kehrer from Fredericksburg in the USA. Congratulations!

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