Quadriga - War or Peace - Last Chance for Ukraine? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 12.02.2015
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Quadriga - War or Peace - Last Chance for Ukraine?

Leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine meeting in Minsk for talks aimed at halting the fighting and establishing a firm basis for the settlement of the Ukraine conflict struggled to find solutions to multiple sticking points. But after 16 hours of intense talking Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged announcing a ceasefire which would come into effect midnight on Saturday.

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In the past weeks fighting has intensified in eastern Ukraine, with strikes involving Ukrainian army units and pro-Russian militias. Broad agreement now seems to have been reached but some details have still not been fully resolved. Will this latest agreement bring peace to Ukraine?

War or Peace - Last Chance for Ukraine?
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Our guests:

Michael Stürmer – he is the senior correspondent at the German daily "Die Welt". He studied History, Philosophy and Languages in London, Berlin and Marburg. Stürmer taught History at Erlangen University and was a visiting professor at Harvard, Toronto, the Sorbonne and Bologna. In the 1980s Stürmer served as a political advisor to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. He is the author of several key works on German, European and Russian history and politics.

Katarzyna Stoklosa – is a cultural scientist from Poland. She studied at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt on the Oder and also at the Moscow State University in Russia. After completing her studies, she worked in numerous institutes. In 2003, she then took over leadership of the Central and Eastern Europe department at the German Council on Foreign Relations. Today, she works as a professor in the Department of Border Region Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

19.6.2014 DW Quadriga Denison Andrew

Andrew B. Denison - is the director of Transatlantic Networks, a research consortium based in Königswinter, Germany. His main emphasis lies on international and domestic security policy focusing particularly on the Obama administration and the USA’s second century, the relationship between US and European economic policies, the future of NATO, Moore’s Law and future security policy.