Quadriga - Iran deal - all about business? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 23.07.2015
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Quadriga - Iran deal - all about business?

The Iran Nuclear deal is just a few days' old. And German economics minister Sigmar Gabriell is already in Teheran, discussing business prospects with the regime.

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The declared aim of the nuclear talks was to prevent Iran getting the bomb and to make the Middle East safer.

But did the West have an ulterior motive? Is the deal with Iran all about business?

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Our guests:

Adnan Tabatabai - is a Berlin-based political analyst on Iranian affairs. His opinion on the Iran deal: “Diplomacy works: the Nuclear Agreement is a blueprint for conflict resolution in the Middle East.”

Alan Posener - is an author and political commentator for the Berlin daily Die Welt. He thinks: “The mullahs are the problem, not the bomb. They exploited our weakness to get a deal that benefits them without giving us anything in return.”

Ursula Weidenfeld – is a well known Business journalist. She says: “Iran is not a friend. Iran remains dangerous. But it is better to try a deal than to risk a war.”