Quadriga - Afghanistan - No way forward? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 08.06.2017
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Quadriga - Afghanistan - No way forward?

Afghanistan has been shaken by a new wave of terrorist attacks. Will this country ever be able to provide a secure home for its people? Our guests: Birgitta Schülke (DW), Susanne Koelbl (Spiegel), Malaiz Daud (expert for Afghan Affairs).

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Our guests:

Malaiz Daud is an Afghanistan affairs expert and a resident scholar at Berghof Foundation in Berlin. He says: " The worsening of the security situation in Afghanistan is due to the withdrawal of the international combat forces, and the  breakdown of regional consensus for a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. "


Birgitta Schülke works as a reporter for Deutsche Welle. She just returned from Afghanistan. And she says:  “Since the international intervention in 2001, the security situation in Afghanistan has never been this bad. People are deeply frustrated. Still, the international community shouldn’t withdraw from the country.”


Susanne Koelbl is a foreign affairs correspondent for the weekly magazine “Der Spiegel”. She says: “Since centuries Afghanistan has been the battlefield of regional and global interests. Peace will only be possible, if Afghanistan´s neighbors settle their issues.