Preview: Putting the E into transport | eco@africa | DW | 12.05.2016
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Preview: Putting the E into transport

If things go to plan, we are set to ride into the future on vehicles that purr along our roads without leaving a choking trail of toxic fumes in their wake. Assuming, of course, that consumers get on board.

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In this edition of eco@africa, we start off on Germany's roads, where efforts continue to raise the profile and potential of e-transport. Besides the various models of cars and two-wheelers adding their gentle hum to the throbbing drum of conventional automobiles, fleets of electric buses have been charged with carrying passengers in three of the country's major cities. We go for a ride.

Staying with green technology in Germany, we meet a pioneer of wind energy on the north coast.

In Africa, we go to Mali, where urban agriculture is gaining importance in feeding city-dwellers, talk to a Nigerian eco activist who has devoted her life to empowering women - both economially and environmentally. And travel to Malawi to meet a group of people doing their bit by fishing without resorting to the common practise of using mosquito nets.

Join us for that and more on at eco@africa.

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