Presenter Elizabeth Shoo | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 20.05.2020

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Focus on Europe

Presenter Elizabeth Shoo

Elizabeth Shoo is hosting DW's Focus on Europe. She grew up in Southern Germany and Tanzania. Liz joined DW while still a university student and has been around since then.

After obtaining her degree in online journalism in Cologne, Liz did a traineeship at DW. During that time, she spent some months at the DW bureaus in Berlin and Brussels. In the ten years she has been with DW, Liz has mainly worked as a radio presenter and a Social Media presenter on DW News. Having spent more than half of her life in Germany, she has always been fascinated by the politics, rich culture and diversity of the people in Europe. She sees Focus on Europe as a chance to tell people’s unique stories to audiences in Europe and across the globe.