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Postcolonial Europe: The significance of memory

September 16, 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement and migration are helping to fuel the debate about Europe’s colonial past. To what extent does colonialism still shape European society? What questions should we be asking ourselves?

DW  Kultur.21 New Europe, London
Image: Johny Pitts Photography, Suhrkamp Verlag

Arts.21 presents four creative positions: 

Afropean: In search of identity

What do Black people in Europe have in common? The British author and photographer Johny Pitts embarks on a journey from Sheffield to Paris, Brussels, and Berlin. He is searching for common ground and encounters contradictions.

DW  Kultur.21 Rajkamal Kahlon
Image: Uta Neumann STRAHLER

Painting over stereotypes

Ethnographic images from the colonial era have burned themselves into the memory of the Western world. Artist Rajkamal Kahlon uses a paint brush to challenge historical photographs, to restore the dignity of the people they’re portraying.

A cultural heritage for everyone

How does one deal with a colonial legacy? Nora Al-Badri is using data mining and artificial intelligence to make it accessible to everyone—even if it’s only done digitally.

Afro-German sound art

Born in Cameroon and raised in Germany – a life between two worlds. Elsa M’Bala describes this in her music. She mixes the sounds from her African home with electronic music and spoken word. Sound art that brings both worlds together.

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