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PopXport: The German Music Magazine

February 10, 2017

Retro with style: R & B singer Ace Tee and her international viral hit. Rhonda is back -- with new Soul music. And Friends of Gas shake up the punk scene. Plus: Kreator, U96, and Germany's Eurovision song candidate.

01.2012 DW PopXport

DW PopXport - Ace Tee
Image: Nur Musik

Ace Tee: Hitting it big with R&B

With her song "Bist du down?," Hamburg singer Ace Tee has captured the spirit of our times: a solid beat, and just a hint of Retro. The song's video has become a hit on the web -- and it's made Ace Tee an R&B star.


Popxport - Rhonda Pressefoto
Image: C. Fernandez Laser

Rhonda: Back with a new Album

A new album for the north German Soul band Rhonda: it's called "Wire," and features a real 60s vibe. But it's a little darker than the group's last album, "Raw Love" -- which came out in 2014. 


DW Popxport Friends of Gas
Image: Andre Habermann

Friends of Gas: Munich Anti-Heroes

Post-Punk meets Krautrock. Friends of Gas -- a quintet from Munich -- have really made a name for themselves with both music critics and fans. Their debut album „Fatal Schwach" is lean, mean -- and angry.


Popxport - Kreator
Image: R. Eikelpoth

HIT-Clip: Kreator – Fallen Brother

Thrash metal legends Kreator have a new album, called "Gods of Violence" -- and it debuted on the German charts at No. 1. The album is also selling well in Australia, the U-K, France, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Deutschland Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - Unser Song Show
Image: Getty Images/S. Steinbach

TIPP-Clip: Levina – Perfect Life

TV voters have chosen Levina to represent Germany at this year's Eurovision Song Contest on May 13, in Kyiv. The 25-year-old beat four other contestants on Thursday. Now fans hope that Levina's song Perfect Life will fare better than former German entries. 


DW popxport U96
Image: Polydor

KULT-Clip: U 96 – "Das Boot" (1992)

25 years ago, the German dance-music project U96 released their first album, "Das Boot" -- a techno version of the title song from the submarine film soundtrack. The single topped the charts in four countries, and made it into the top-20 in Britain.