PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 11.03.2016
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

On this edition: PopXport joins celebrated newcomer Namika on tour. We also meet melancholic indie rockers Isolation Berlin and check out music from the no. 1 album by ambient ace Schiller.

In this edition:

Namika – A new star on the pop horizon

Namika’s single "Lieblingsmensch" was one of the biggest hits of 2015 in Germany. The Frankfurt songstress with Moroccan roots is currently on a sell-out tour. Also on board: her debut album "Nador".

Isolation Berlin - New indie rock sensation

Isolation Berlin’s lyrics tell of solitude and even suicide. Fans and critics alike are hailing the indie outfit as the new big thing. And their debut album is out now.

HIT: Schiller - Paradise

"Future" is the fifth no.1 album for Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller. The video for the single "Paradise" was shot in California – where the German electro guru now lives.

HIT-Clip: Eff - Stimme

In 2015 DJ Felix Jaehn and pop singer Mark Forster joined forces under the name “Eff”. Their joint single "Stimme" shot to the top of the German charts in January, and has since remained in the Top 10.

TIP: Megaloh - Regenmacher

Megaloh’s last album made it to no. 9 in the charts. The German rapper still has a regular job at a parcel center in order to feed his family, however – and sings about his experiences on his new album "Regenmacher.

CLASSIC: Captain Jack - Drill Instructor (1996)

Captain Jack landed a string of international hits in the 1990s with their up-beat rhythms and military attire. It’s been two decades since "Drill Instructor" marched up the charts in seven countries.