PopXport – The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 19.02.2016
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PopXport – The German Music Magazine

With a gold record and sell-out tours under his belt, Bosse returns with a new album. Plus: dancehall trio Symbiz, and music from Madeline Juno, Prinz Pi, Jochen Distelmeyer and Rammstein.

This week:

Bosse - A new album from the troubadour

The singer-songwriter from Braunschweig won German TV’s Bundesvision Song Contest in 2013 as well as the German performing rights agency’s pop lyrics award in 2014. Bosse now has a new album out: "Engtanz".

Melting Pop - Dancehall act Symbiz

In our Melting Pop series, PopXport introduces artists from Germany with international roots. In this installment we meet Symbiz – a dancehall project founded by two Korean-German brothers with a global fanbase.

HIT-Clip: Prinz Pi - Im Westen nix Neues

The latest album by Friedrich Kautz aka Prinz Pi went straight to the top of the German charts. "Im Westen Nix Neues" as such became the Berlin rapper’s third no. 1 release in succession.

TIPP-Clip: Madeline Juno - Stupid Girl

Madeline Juno’s online hits such as "Error" had record labels fighting over the young songstress from the Black Forest. She’s since opened for the likes of Ellie Goulding, and now presents her new album: "Salvation".

TIPP-Clip: Jochen Distelmeyer - Video Games

The indie pop songs by his band Blumfeld went down a storm, and have even been analyzed in college literature classes. Frontman Distelmeyer embarked on a solo career after dissolving the group in 2007. His latest album features covers of English-language songs such as "Video Games" by American singer Lana Del Rey.

KULT-Clip: Rammstein - Engel (1997)

"Engel" was the first major hit for German shock rockers Rammstein. The album it was included on, "Sehnsucht", was likewise a big success. It charted in 19 countries and sold over 2 million copies. Rammstein never looked back.