Poland launches online register of sex offenders | News | DW | 02.01.2018
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Poland launches online register of sex offenders

Poland's Justice Ministry has made an online register of some 800 sex offenders, complete with names and photos, publicly available for the first time. Warsaw has said it is following the example of the United States.

A host of personal data belonging to convicted sex offenders in Poland became publicly available on Monday, including names, birthplaces and details about the crimes they committed.

Some 800 sex offenders' details were published as the online database launched in the new year.

According to Poland's Justice Ministry, only the most dangerous offenders' data was published, most of whom are either pedophiles found guilty of abusing children under the age of 15 or rapists.

The ministry said the register would help authorities prevent future crimes and followed the example set by the United States, which has openly published the information of convicted sex offenders.

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'Need to protect children'

"The need to protect our children is above the right to anonymity for criminals," said Justice Minister and Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro.

The Polish government said it had also expanded an additional register of some 2,600 offenders convicted for crimes such as possession of child pornography. That list, however, has only been made accessible to staff in certain institutions.

One official said that school principals should refer to the database to check on potential recruits. If convicted offenders were hired to work with children, the employer could face a fine or even imprisonment. 

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