Poland: Deaths after apartment block collapses in Poznan | News | DW | 04.03.2018
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Poland: Deaths after apartment block collapses in Poznan

At least four people have died and more than 20 others are injured after an apartment block collapsed in the Polish city of Poznan. A gas explosion is thought to have destroyed the building.

Teams of firefighters combed through the rubble in the Polish city of Poznan, after a suspected gas explosion caused a building to collapse on Sunday morning.

Polish officials said the collapse killed at least four people and injured 24 others.

Television footage showed the apartment block in a heap, after three of its four floors collapse in on themselves. The building contained 18 apartments and housed 40 residents.

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Building collapse in Poland

Police and prosecutors were investigating the scene of the accident, although regional governor Zbigniew Hoffman said a gas explosion the most likely explanation for the building's collapse.

A hospital spokesperson said a little girl was among the hospitalized residents, although she was reported to be in stable condition.

Those who weren't injured were taken to a nearby hotel.

dm/rc (AP, dpa)

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