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Planet Blog: Alternatives to searching with Google

September 21, 2009

For many people, living without Google for even a day or two seems impossible. This week's guest on Planet Blog talks about how he went a week without using the Internet search giant.

A magnifiying glas in front of a monitor showing logos og Google, Windows and other search engines
Google isn't the only way to find information on the World Wide WebImage: picture-alliance/dpa

The vast majority of Web users turn to Google for information on whatever is grabbing their attention at any particular time. The search site has become such a part of modern culture that "googling" something got its own entry in the dictionary as a verb that is synonymous with looking for information online.

That's a situation Albrecht Ude said isn't necessarily a good one. A journalist and blogger, Ude started the Weblog "Eine Woche Ohne" or A eek Without, where he described going an entire week without using Google.