Pigeon Breeder Wins Huge Lottery Jackpot | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 17.03.2005
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Pigeon Breeder Wins Huge Lottery Jackpot

He enjoys soccer, working in his small garden, breeding pigeons and now, perhaps, counting his millions. A clerk from the Ruhr region with two children now is 20.4 million euros ($27 million) richer, having won the largest single draw ever in the history of the German lottery. Although the lottery numbers were announced on Saturday, the man only found out Thursday that he had scored the jackpot, when he made his usual early-morning stop at the lottery office before catching the bus to work to fill out a new form and check to see if his entry from the last week had won. This time, it had, although he said he had a hard time comprehending the amount he had actually won. The man, who lives in a rented apartment in a row house, now wants to move into a house in the country, where he can raise his pigeons without disturbing the neighbors. He said he also wants to use to the money to educate his children.

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