Pick up a pen and write a letter | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 01.09.2017
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Pick up a pen and write a letter

In a tribute to the handwritten letter, Australian photographer Richard Simpkin urges people all over the world to pick up a pen and write a letter - because he believes the results are worth it.

Richard Simpkin, Australian writer, photographer and the initiator of World Letter Writing Day (WLWD) on September 1, says a project in the 1990s on legendary Australians piqued his interest in letters. Back then, he received letters from people, "some were typed, the others were handwritten, & at the bottom was the legends signature which only they themselves could personally do," he remembers, adding that he was always excited when he went to the letterbox.

It all began with a letter, he says - and in the end, he had met, photographed and interviewed 80 people for his book. 

No short cuts

People are more expressive when they write a letter, Simpkin argues on his website. "We try not to make spelling mistakes when we write, we usually take pride in our hand writing & we all want our letters to look & sometimes feel special to the receiver." People make more of an effort, he concludes.

Without forgoing emails, texts & social media, Simpkin urges people to pick up a pen and write the occasional letter, too.

Click on the above picture gallery to find out more about the age-old art of letter writing.


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