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PFAS - Poisoned for Eternity?

July 8, 2024

Coated pans, waterproof clothing, refrigerants for air conditioning systems. All these everyday items contain PFAS. This group of chemical compounds makes life more convenient.

PFAS - Poisoned for Eternity?
PFAS are water, grease and dirt repellent and are used almost everywhere: Not only in extinguishing foam, but also in rain jackets and coated pans, in chain grease, dental floss, burger paper, cosmetics or ski wax. Image: BR

But PFAS compounds are also highly controversial because they are both toxic and long-lasting.

PFAS - Poisoned for Eternity?
PFAS are deposited in the soil. The substances do not occur in nature and cannot be broken down quickly by water, light or bacteria.Image: BR

Known as "perpetual chemicals”, PFAS accumulate in the environment and also enter the human body. The film examines the question of whether PFAS should be banned because they threaten our health. Or should they continue to be used because they are so practical and virtually irreplaceable in our everyday lives?

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