Peter Prevc clinches Four Hills tournament win with victory in Bischofshofen | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 06.01.2016
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Peter Prevc clinches Four Hills tournament win with victory in Bischofshofen

In a scintilating finale in Bischofshofen, Slovenia's Peter Prevc sprung past Germany's Severin Freund with a gigantic second jump to clinch the victory in the 64th Four Hills tournament.

With a second jump of 142.5 meters, Slovenia's Peter Prevc sprung to his first overall Four Hills tournament victory - also winining the last leg of the event in Bischofshofen on Wednesday with 297.3 points.

"Slovenia hadn't won for a long, long time. I am really happy," said Prevc, the first Slovenian winner since 1997. "It was such an amazing Four Hills Tour for me. I never hoped it would be this good."

In a tournament used to Austrian domination over recent years, Prevc's performance was nearly perfect. Freund had narrowly won the opening leg in Obertsdorf, but then faded into the background. Prevc capped off consecutive victories in Garmisch-Partenkirschen and Innsbruck with a third win in four events - logging the biggest jumps in each of the two rounds in Bischofshofen on Wednesday.

His final leap condemened Germany's Severin Freund, whose longest jump was 141 meters, to second place again. Austrians Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft finished third and fourth respectively.

Over the four events, Prevc outscored Freund by 1,139.4 points to 1,112.9 points. Hayböck, who'd led Austria's charge for an eighth consecutive Four Hills win, finished third overall.

Prevc is the second Slovenian to win the tour after Primoz Peterka in 1997. He is also the first non-Austrian winner since Janne Ahonen of Finland in 2008. The win maintains his overall number one ranking from Severin Freund with the Ski Flying World Championships a week and a half away.