Pappa al pomodoro | euromaxx à la carte | DW | 04.09.2012
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euromaxx à la carte

Pappa al pomodoro

Easy to Make!

Pappa al pomodoro

Ingredients for 4 people:

800 g of stale Tuscan bread

1 white onion

1 leek

1 clove of garlic

some basil leaves

4 tomatoes (the "Fiorentino" type is better)

Olive oil


Black pepper


Procedure: Crush the garlic, leek and the onion with a large spoon and stew them in a saucepan with olive oil. Add the tomatoes, the basil, salt and pepper and cook for 12-13 minutes. Cut the bread into squares and add it to the sauce. Continue to cook and add broth if the mixture becomes too pasty. Blend with a whisk until it becomes creamy. Serve the dish warm with fresh pepper and olive oil.

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Chef Giovanna Iorio of the Alle Murate Restaurant.

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