Palestinian prime minister: ′We are committed to non-violent resistance′ | Press Releases | DW | 15.03.2016
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Press Releases

Palestinian prime minister: 'We are committed to non-violent resistance'

Despite continuing violence between Israelis and Palestinians, Hamdallah stressed his commitment to non-violent resistance in an interview with DW. He did not, however, condemn recent attacks by Palestinians.

On this week's "Conflict Zone," Hamdallah told host Tim Sebastian his government was willing to "reach a historical, political settlement with Israel, based on the UN resolutions, and based on the two-states vision."

"The expansion of settlements on a daily basis kills the viability of a Palestinian state," said Hamdallah, urging the Israeli government to apply all UN resolutions which call on Israel to withdraw from Palestinian land.

Asked how the Israelis are supposed to make peace with Palestinians, who are deeply divided, Hamdallah said: "We are doing our best to reach a unity government. Hamas is invited."

Hamdallah said he advocated non-violent resistance: "We need a political horizon. We have to give our people hope. We have been under occupation for 51 years. 60 percent of the people have never left Gaza," he said.

Confronted with Amnesty International's latest report on torture of people under arrest committed by Palestinian police and other security forces in the West Bank, Hamadallah said: "Torture happens. But this is not the policy. It happens on an individual basis. Sometimes mistakes happen, right?"

Tim Sebastian invites national and international decision-makers to his weekly DW show. "Conflict Zone" airs every Wednesday at 17.30 UTC and is available online on demand. From April 2016, renowned German journalist Michel Friedman and Tim Sebastian will take turns in presenting "Conflict Zone."

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