Night Grooves - The Best of Night Grooves | Night Grooves | DW | 27.12.2019
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Night Grooves

Night Grooves - The Best of Night Grooves

As a dazzling conclusion of Night Grooves' 3rd season, we've put together the most interesting anecdotes, the funniest moments and, of course, the very best songs. Included are Lindsey Stirling's mega-hit "Roundtable Rival" and one of Germany's favorite east-rock songs, "Am Fenster”, performed once more by City. And Denmark's Aura Dione puts her heart into singing "I Will Love You Monday (365)".

Watch video 42:30

Haus Schminke has also welcomed guests from Hollywood: actor Kiefer Sutherland takes a break from hunting down terrorists to face an even more daunting challenge: the microphone. He brings out the honky tonk with his brilliantly arranged country songs. And he tells a moving story about his father, Donald, as he saw him in the 1970s. In his father's honor, he gives us his rendition of Bob Dylan's classic "Knockin‘ on Heaven's Door". Another artist who came to music through the side door is best-selling author Frank Schätzing ("The Swarm”). On Night Grooves, he introduces his band Taxi Galaxi. And Giovanni Zarrella creates some genuinely Italian atmosphere with his hits "Azzurro" and "L‘Italiano" (Lasciatemi Cantare). A fabulous new discovery is Wé McDonald. The young singer from New York City performs her version of "You Know I’m No Good" with a powerful voice that would have done Amy Winehouse proud. Further highlights on our best-of show are Albert Hammond's global hits "It Never Rains in Southern California" and "Little Arrows". We also welcome back Right Said Fred ("I’m Too Sexy") from Britain and the Canadian folk pop band The Strumbellas ("Spirits"). We lovingly picked out and assembled these and many other great times from Night Grooves' third season. They all come to you from the living room of Haus Schminke in Löbau, Saxony. The house was designed by Hans Scharoun in the 1930s.