Night Grooves - The best of Night Grooves | Night Grooves | DW | 12.04.2019

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Night Grooves

Night Grooves - The best of Night Grooves

In this "best of" episode of the music show Night Grooves, DW presents the musicians' greatest hits, the best performances and the most exciting stories from the second season, including Melanie C (Spice Girls), Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Ray Wilson (Genesis), DJ Ötzi and soul legend Kathy Sledge.

Watch video 42:35

In the best of Night Grooves - Stephanie and Wigald’s House of Music - we again show very special musical moments that evoke a goose bump feeling, for example "First Day of My Life" by Melanie C, "Tainted Love" - Marc Almond's anthem of the 80s and the megahit "We Are Family" sung by Kathy Sledge, the youngest member of Sister Sledge. Also enjoy the exclusive sofa songs including Y'akoto and Max Mutze's unplugged version of the Marvin Gaye classic "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Nel blu dipinto di blu" - better known by many as "Volare". Domenico Modugno's world hit is sung by Nevio Passaro and Frontm3n. Sebastian Krumbiegel and Marla Glen join up to perform "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. We have also compiled touching and moving stories from the lives of the superstars from ten episodes, for example Kathy Sledge's encounter with Michael Jackson, Nevio Passaro about his concert tour with Baby and the time when Nico Santos explains the contents of Spanish lyrics to the audience. All from the "Haus Schminke" in Löbau/Saxony - designed by Hans Scharoun in the 1930s.