News from Buenos Aires | Music | DW | 07.11.2012
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News from Buenos Aires

Successful Wagner experiment: the world premiere of the "Colón Ring" on November 27 at the Teatro Colón. The experience in Buenos Aires in pictures from DW's film team.

Tuesday, November 27

Final day: The Wagner adventure was a success! The best scenes from the premiere at the Teatro Colón:

Rhine daughters Flosshilde (Bernadett Fodor), Welgunde (Uta Christina Georg) and Woglinde (Silja Schindler, left to right) mit Alberich (Andrew Shore) in DAS RHEINGOLD.

Siegfried (Leonid Zakhozhaev, below) and Mime (Kevin Conners) in their scene in the blacksmith's shop in the forest (SIEGFRIED).

DW director Hans Christoph von Bock (second from left) with team (Karin Rewald and Jörg Theiß) at the premiere.

Ride of the Valkyries over the foggy battlegrounds

Wotan (Jukka Rasilainen) and Brünnhilde (Linda Watson) in DIE WALKÜRE

Brünnhilde (Linda Watson) mourns the dead hero Siegfried (Leonid Zakhozhaev). Background: Wotan (Jukka Rasilainen).

Final scene in GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG: In Valentina Carrasco's stage presentation, the lost children return to their families.

Friday, November 23

For the DW camera team, singers Kevin Conners (Mime, center) and Leonid Zakhozhaev (Siegfried, right) switched scenes from the stage to a park in the city district of Recoleta.

The huge rubber tree with its mighty roots is over 200 years old. It already stood here when Richard Wagner composed his "Ring of the Nibelung.“

Tuesday, November 20

A day without rehearsals - time for a stroll through the city. The Valkyries during their "ride" across the Avenida 9 de Julio: Susanne Geb, Uta Georg, Silja Schindler and Bernadett Fodor (from left to right). The Fab Four say 'hi'!

Sunday, November 18

A new Siegmund: With less than two weeks to the premiere, Danish singer Stig Andersen (left) replaces Torsten Kerl, who was originally slated for the role. At the first rehearsal, Andersen sings together with Daniel Sumegi (Hunding) and Marion Ammann (Sieglinde).

The first dress rehearsal: The Valkyries ride across the battleground dressed in Gurkha uniforms. The Gurkhas are military units based in Nepal.

Friday, November 16

The DW team has a great deal of equipment for today's filming: location shots outside Teatro Colón are filmed with the help of a dolly.

The dolly is also put to use on stage: here at a rehearsal of Siegfried's funeral march.

Wednesday, November 14

Just two weeks to the premiere! Final preparations are underway for the stage scenery. Stage-hands are testing a pool of water here for a scene in "Rheingold."

Monday, November 12

Colleagues have a great time interviewing Finnish bass-baritone Jukka Rasilainen, who sings Wotan in the "Colón Ring."

The DW team climbs high again for the interview - this time, up to the roof of a hotel on Avenida 9 de Julio, in the heart of Buenos Aires.

The avenue is also known as the "widest street in the world" due to its 16 lanes. Teatro Colón is located on Avenida 9 de Julio.

Friday, November 9

The camera crew is headed to the top today: to Teatro Colón's famous dome…

One can actually walk around the cupola. Here is an interior view: 640 lamps light up the dome.

Antonio Gallelli (left) holds the only key to the cupola. DW director Hans Christoph von Bock and his crew are granted a rare entry.

Wednesday, November 7

Brünnhilde and Sieglinde during a stage rehearsal. American Linda Watson is singing the Brünnhilde role, while Swiss soprano Marion Ammann (center) has taken on Sieglinde.

Monday, November 5

Valentina Carrasco (wearing shorts) rehearses with the Valkyries on stage. The dancers and dolls on the floors are the fallen heroes on the battlefield.

Thursday, November 1

One can get a sense of the immensity of the Teatro Colón's interior from the upper-most level. The main hall of the theater seats 2,500 people.

Tuesday, October 30

Rehearsal: "Rheingold," Scene 1. On the ground, Andrew Shore as Alberich, surrounded by the Rhinemaidens and director Valentina Carrasco.

Friday, October 26

The first singing rehearsals begin with conductor Roberto Paternostro. The Austrian conductor has replaced Julien Salemkour, who was originally slated to conduct.

Thursday, October 25

Valentina Carrasco transposes a few sequences from "Colón Ring" into the 1970s - the period of Argentina's military dictatorship. Here, she is rehearsing in "Rheingold," Scene 2. In her production, the giants are not huge guys, but greasy mafiosi. Fafner sits, like the Godfather, in a wheelchair.

Frank Schlössmann interview Copyright: Hans Christoph von Bock/DW

Klavierprobe Colón Ring

Wednesday, October 24

Argentinian Valentina Carrasco takes over the opera direction four weeks before the premiere. The cast of "Colón Ring" is international. This is the first meeting with the director and the first group picture.

Saturday, October 20

The first piano rehearsal for "Siegfried." Bits of the stage design can be seen in the background.

Thursday, October 18

The rehearsals occur amidst the original scenery. An interview takes place with stage designer Frank Schlößmann in an apt setting.

Thursday, October 16

…now that is an Argentinean breakfast!

Monday, October 15

Arrival in Teatro Colón: Rehearsals began in mid-October. Deutsche Welle's camera crew has been there from the start!