New bogs in Belarus | Global Ideas | DW | 20.07.2010
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Global Ideas

New bogs in Belarus

Wetlands can store huge amounts of CO2. Belarus is rediscovering the importance of its marshes.

Project goal: restoring marshes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving biodiversity in Belarus
Project scale: 14,000 hectares (34,600 acres) to start with and expanding to 520,000 hectares (1,284,947 acres) across the country
Investment: 2,800,000 Euros ($3,600,000)
Carbon savings: around 100,000 tons a year

Drained marshlands pose a huge risk to the climate because they release vast amounts of carbon dioxide stored in the ground. The problem is especially serious in Belarus. Now, one project in the country is aiming to restore the marshlands through flooding and thus cut emissions. It's hoped to become a model for protecting marshes all over Europe.

A film by Mareike Aden

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New bogs in Belarus

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