MSV Duisburg | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 04.08.2005
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MSV Duisburg

Mannschaftsfoto Saison 2005/06 MSV Duisburg

Welcome back Duisburg!

After five long years in the second division, the Zebras seem to have changed everything except their jerseys. Cash is being tossed around and they've even got a new high-tech stadium ready -- as tends to happen when the owner of a major construction company takes a liking to the team and decides be its knight in shining armor.

After finally making it back to the German top flight, Walter Hellmich even donated the means to get and keep plenty of first division experience on board with Willi, Schlicke, Biliskov, Michalke, Möhrle, Reitpietsch, Hausweiler and Tjikuzu -- after all, they don't want to be back in the second division next season!

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