Mozambican city devastated by flooding rebuilds for the climate crisis | Global Ideas | DW | 26.05.2021

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Global Ideas

Mozambican city devastated by flooding rebuilds for the climate crisis

Beira is one of the world's most vulnerable cities to climate change. That's why two years after devastating Cyclone Idai, it is rebuilding with future floods in mind.

Beira: A city's fight against climate change

Beira, Mozambique, is one of the world's cities most threatened by climate change.

In 2019, Cyclone Idai almost completely destroyed the city. Beira is now relying on a sustainable flood control strategy to rebuild. Rivers in the urban area are being planted with mangroves. At the same time, green spaces are being created that will soak up floodwater like a sponge during extreme weather. The centerpiece of the project is the 45-hectare (111-acre) Green Park in the city center around the Chiveve River.  

While conservationists are celebrating the approach, not all Beira residents agree with the measures. This includes members of a fishing settlement that will be demolished to make way for more mangroves. Can the city balance conservation with the desires of local residents? 

Project objective: The project "Green Urban Infrastructure in Beira" supports a sustainable and holistic urban development plan to help the city's millions adapt to the consequences of climate change. The project aims to improve the city's residents' quality of life while at the same time creating both direct and indirect income and employment opportunities.  

Duration: 2016-2023 

Project partners: The project is financed by the government of Mozambique, the World Bank and KfW Development Bank, and supported by German Development Agency (GIZ).  

Budget: A total of €17 million ($20.8 million) is available for Beira's transformation. KfW is contributing €13 million to the project.   

A film by Stefan Arno Möhl 

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