Mother Tries to Auction Daughter on eBay | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 21.04.2004
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Mother Tries to Auction Daughter on eBay

German police are investigating a mother who allegedly tried to sell her eight-year old daughter on the internet auction site, eBay. The girl's picture was posted on the site along with a description that included the line "You can play with her." The starting price was €1 ($1.19). According to the French news agency AFP, an eBay user alerted police in the western town of Rennerod to the unusual "offer." By the time police removed the ad, three bids had reportedly been made, upping the price to €25.50. State prosecutors in Koblenz are investigating a 41-year old woman and her 35-year old boyfriend for attempted child trafficking. Police searched their apartment, confiscating two computers as evidence. However, prosecutors have not ruled out that the incident was simply a very bad joke. According to police, the woman's boyfriend convinced her to place the ad after drinking too much schnapps, to show what was possible on eBay. The online auction house described the behaviour of the couple as "tasteless."