Miss Germany Wants to Be Miss No More | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 03.09.2002
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Miss Germany Wants to Be Miss No More

Katrin Wrobel, the leggy 24-year-old Berliner crowned Miss Germany last January, now wants out of her contract and crown -- with only a few months left to go before the Miss World contest.


Not your typical beauty queen: Wrobel, center

Miss Germany is capable of great things, says her lawyer, and she’s willing to get out of her contract to prove it.

Germany’s gossip magazines were in a tizzy this week with the announcement that Miss Germany, 24-year-old Berlin resident Katrin Wrobel, cancelled her contract with the Miss Germany Corporation. The decision comes just a few months before Wrobel was to compete in the Miss World pageant, and has left event organizers perplexed.

”We’ve never had a case like this in 42 years,” said Ralf Klemmer, the director of the Miss Germany Corporation. “If she wants to relinquish the crown then the runner-up will be awarded it.”

But Klemmer said he hoped a one-on-one discussion with Wrobel would clear the air before the competition on Nov. 30 in Nigeria.

Focusing on her career

The tall, natural Berlin beauty had made noises before that she was unhappy with her obligations. In Feburary, a month after she won, she told newspapers she wouldn’t go to the Miss World paegant. Wrobel, who after winning signed a one year contract to work on a German television game show, said her career was far more important.

Now, the former dental assistant, wants completely out of a contract her lawyer, Christian Schertz told Reuters is “immoral.”

The contract obliges the contest winner to appearances at countless events and forbids them from marrying or posing nude in the year they hold the crown.

Schertz told the wire service agency there were no plans for Wrobel to pose nude or marry. The main reason Wrobel was quitting was her dissatisfaction with the way the Miss Germany Corporation was managing her.

“Miss Wrobel does not fulfill the usual cliché of a typical Miss Germany,” Schertz told Reuters. “She has the personality the aura and the talent,” to work professionally as a model or tv presenter.

With the television game show she helps host facing cancellation this Fall, Wrobel is looking around for new opportunities. Schertz says producers have been calling.