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The 77 Percent | Sendung 05/2022
Image: DW

Mineral Resources: Why Isn't Africa Richer?

May 12, 2022

Is Africa really a victim of the infamous resource curse? We ask why, despite its immense mineral wealth, the continent is yet to reap the financial benefits.


In South Africa, artisanal miners scrape the earth for its remaining diamonds, while challenges still plague Sierra Leone's reformed mineral sector. Plus, we meet Nigeria's "eco-feminist" Adenike Oladosu and tour Niamey with local rapper Barakina.


The 77 Percent | Sendung 05/2022
Image: Cai Nebe/DW

Why diamonds and gold aren't making Africa richer

From Ashanti gold to southern Africa's diamond mines, and more recently cobalt, lithium and coltan: For centuries, people around the world have exploited Africa's precious minerals. But despite Africa's immense mineral wealth, the continent is yet to reap the financial benefits.


The 77 Percent | Sendung 05/2022
Image: Stefan Möhl/DW

South Africa: Scouring the earth for precious scraps

In a country built on its mineral wealth, South Africa's small scale artisanal miners are left digging for mere morsels of gold and diamonds. Turf wars and meagre yields mean many miners live a life of poverty.


The 77 Percent | Sendung 05/2022
Image: Sella Oneko/DW

Street Debate: The gold and diamonds of Sierra Leone - A blessing or a curse?

Diamonds, gold, bauxite, iron ore: You name it, Sierra Leone's got it. 20 years after the civil war, the West African country is no longer ruled by conflict diamonds. But does the modern-day mineral sector really benefit the people of Sierra Leone? Edith Kimani heads to Koidu town in the diamond-rich Kono District to find out.


The 77 Percent | Sendung 05/2022
Image: Flourish Chukwurah/DW

Nigeria's "eco-feminist" fighting for a green future

Inspired by environmental activist Greta Thunberg, Adenike Oladosu launched her own fight against climate change in Nigeria. Today, she works tirelessly to educate Nigerians - young and old - about the importance of taking action before it's too late.


The 77 Percent | Sendung 05/2022
Image: Sasha Gankin/DW

My City Niamey

Niger's capital Niamey rises like an oasis out of the Sahara. Watered by the River Niger, the city knows how to trade, eat and throw a party! Local rapper Barakina takes us out to see the sights.



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