Melamine-Tainted Chinese Candies Found in Germany | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 01.10.2008
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Melamine-Tainted Chinese Candies Found in Germany

A German state consumer protection ministry says Chinese candies tainted with the industrial chemical melamine have been found for sale in an Asian foods store in the southern state of Baden Wuerttemberg.

A customer chooses milk in front of shelves cleared of tainted milk products at a supermarket in Shanghai

The tainted milk scandal has rattled consumers in China

A ministry spokesman in the southern German state of Baden Wuerttemberg confirmed on Wednesday, Oct 1 that Chinese-made "White Rabbit" candies, imported through the Netherlands, were tainted with melamine in an escalating toxic milk scandal that has sickened more than 50,000 and killed four babies in China and sparked alarm in a host of countries.

Both the Chinese producer and the Dutch importer have begun recalling the products, the spokesman said, adding there was no concrete health danger.

Last week, Australian food regulators recalled White Rabbit candies, which have tested positive in both New Zealand and Australia for melamine. Authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium also say they have also detected traces of the chemical in cookies imported from China.

British company Cadbury's also recalled one of its chocolate varieties earlier this week for the same reason.

Melamine is normally used in making plastic, but can make watered-down milk look richer in protein than is actually the case.

The European Union recently banned all imports on Chinese milk-related products for children such as biscuits and chocolate on top of a long-standing embargo on Chinese dairy products like milk and yoghurt.

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