Maria Krehl, 23 years old | Business Consultants in Focus | DW | 06.11.2012
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Business Consultants in Focus

Maria Krehl, 23 years old

Studies business administration at the University of Hanover, she joined Janus Consultants 4 and a half years ago

Which company would you like to advise?

The motorcycle division of the BMW Group! I believe the best opportunities can be found in the world’s megacities. Future mobility in the big cities will be more limited for cars than for motorcycles. Manufacturers should take advantage of these opportunities. And since I’m a big fan of motorbikes, I’d like to be involved.

What would you do with a week off?

Play lots of sports, especially with friends. I’d spend time with my family and read an interesting book.

Which profession would you avoid at all costs?

I wouldn’t want a career with tasks that are monotonous. I am much more interested in a challenging activity that teaches me lots of new things. But it’s also important for me to have time for myself, especially time for friends and family as well as sports.

What personal attributes do your friends admire in you?

My reliability, my sense of humor, my enthusiasm and my openness.

What would you drop everything to do?

To help family and friends who are in trouble or who need my support, for a training session with Erin Stern or a wrap at Taco Bell!