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Marcel Fürstenau
Image: DW

Marcel Fürstenau

Marcel writes on German domestic politics with a special focus on civil rights, secret services, former East Germany, and the Nazi era.

The Berlin native has made in-depth reporting his passion.

Marcel Fürstenau grew up in West Berlin, close to the Wall, where he learned to appreciate the concept of personal freedom. This formative period sharpened his awareness of the big sweep of history and the many smaller stories behind it.

He feels grateful to the East Germans for their courage in the peaceful revolution of 1989/90. This major historical event still influences him professionally and privately to this day, and it is no wonder that many of his reports, analyses, interviews and op-eds revolve around it.

He also writes on civil rights, secret services, and the Nazi era. But he is more interested in in-depth research than soundbite journalism.

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