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Lufthansa facts

February 22, 2010

With its many domestic and foreign subsidiaries, Lufthansa is Europe's largest airline, and it employs more than 110,000 people worldwide. The company's most important sectors:

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Lufthansa AG: The heart of the group, also referred to as Lufthansa Classic, home to intercontinental flights from Germany and between major German and European cities. Strikes are ongoing.

Lufthansa Cargo: A direct Lufthansa subsidiary and one of the world's largest air freight services. The firm uses it's own planes as well as passenger airliners' cargo bays to transport goods. Strikes are ongoing.

Germanwings: The group's low-cost airline. Strikes are ongoing.

Lufthansa Regional: Lufthansa has five regional partners: subsidiary Cityline, which connects cities that are less in demand; Eurowings, almost 50 percent of which is owned by Lufthansa; Italian-based subsidiary Air Dolomiti; finally, Augsburg Airways and Contact Air. Pilots flying for regional partners are not on strike.

Lufthansa Italia: Newly-established by Lufthansa in Milan, Italy. The nine Airbus planes are still flown by pilots from Germany. As long as the pilots are abroad, Lufthansa says, they are not allowed to strike.

Acquisitions abroad: Over the past few years, Lufthansa has acquired several foreign airlines: Swiss in Switzerland, Austrian Airlines in Austria, Brussels Airlines in Belgium and British Midland in Britain. Their integration is an ongoing process, and the independent labels are retained under the group's umbrella.

Other holdings: Lufthansa has a 50-percent share in the Turkish airline SunExpress, and holds a minority stake of 15 percent in the US budget airline JetBlue and 13 percnet in Luxemburg's Luxair.

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Editor: Chuck Penfold