Lucky Luke, the ′fastest gun in the West,′ turns 70 | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 07.12.2016
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Lucky Luke, the 'fastest gun in the West,' turns 70

Happy birthday, Lucky Luke! The "fastest gun in the West" - a wry and witty cartoon figure who outshoots his shadow, plays chess with his trusty horse, and wins against the bad guys every time - is turning 70.

Created by Belgian cartoonist Maurice de Bevere (better known as Morris), Lucky Luke first appeared in the Almanach issue of the Spirou comic book on December 7, 1946.

Over the decades, the laid-back cowboy has had many an adventure, crisscrossing the Wild West, grappling with bandits, but also running into actual historical personalities like Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Jack London and even Abraham Lincoln.

From the oil boom and the first transcontinental telegraph to skirmishes with America's native inhabitants, Lucky Luke's adventures touch on many an event that marked 19th century America, with a healthy dose of bizarre twists and humor. His tales are published by Egmont Ehapa Media.

Click through the above picture gallery to find out more about Lucky Luke. 


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