Lost Boys - Be gone evil spirit | DocFilm | DW | 27.06.2022

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Lost Boys - Be gone evil spirit

Three friends from Finland are celebrating the success of their first documentary film, "Reindeerspotting—Escape from Santaland." Lost in a fog of drug use, they go underground in Southeast Asia.

They are filming this adventure, too. Until one of them dies a violent death. Joonas, the director of the first film, uses his camera to try to find answers. Along the way, he takes viewers into the dizzying maelstrom of Bangkok and back-streets of Phnom Penh. We accompany the desperate friends as they try to find out what happened in the weeks before Jani's death. Can the answer be found in the videos shot by Joonas? Is Jani’s death related to drugs, women and money - or is there some other cause? Joonas seeks out his friends and the women they’ve been involved with. He wants to find out for himself what really happened. One thing emerges clearly: This is a story without any heroes.