Living in Stuttgart: Peaceful but big-city feel | Study in Germany | DW | 14.03.2012
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Study in Germany

Living in Stuttgart: Peaceful but big-city feel

Big parks, a fantastic zoo, world-class ballet, trendy shops - you'll find all of that in Stuttgart. But student bars? Not really. The city provides you with even nicer alternatives for going out.

Flowers in the foreground of a park scene, where a woman sits facing trees

Stuttgart's abundant outdoor areas ease the pain of the high rents

In the evening, you can climb to the top of the hill with a bottle of wine or beer and forget about everyday life as you enjoy the views. This is a part of life in Stuttgart. Thanks to the mountainsides that surround the city, there are many look-out spots with great panorama views. As this place is not too far from Stuttgart's center, students like to come here to get away from it all. What's more, it's an affordable way to spend the evening, since Stuttgart does not have many cheap student bars on offer. There are of course plenty of clubs, bars, pubs and cafes, but they might not suit everyone's budget.

Rent - not for the student's budget

Stuttgart is expensive, especially when it comes to rent costs. While there is some student accommodation available, the space there is very limited. Normal apartments, meanwhile, are usually not affordable for students, and shared accommodation is hard to find. "I don't live in Stuttgart anymore, but in Filderstadt," says Omid, who's moved just outside of the city. Many students do the same thing and commute daily to Stuttgart.

Relaxing in the green "U"

At least you don't need to leave the city in order to find some peace and quiet. "I enjoy going to the Rosensteinpark," says Yanling from China. The particular park that she's referring to was established in the 19th century and designed in the style of an English garden. But Stuttgart's parks in general are something very fine. They surround the city in the shape of the letter "U." From the city center, you can easily walk to the forests on the city's outskirts. "But I also like the Wilhelma," says Yanling. This zoological and botanical garden is one of the most species-rich zoos in Germany, with more than 10,000 animals and 1,000 individual species. Probably the most beautiful place in this park is the Moorish Garden, with a romantic colonnade and a lily pond.

Favorite place: Koenigsstrasse

But there are also students who prefer to stay in the city center. "I like Koenigsstrasse, it's my favorite place, because I like big pedestrian malls where you can stroll around a bit," says Mohamed. And in this regard, Koenigsstrasse is the perfect place indeed. This is where you'll find big - and often expensive - shops lined up next to each other, as well as interesting street artists. On Saturdays, this place is jam-packed.

Right next to Koenigsstrasse there are cinemas, theaters, museums and the opera house. In terms of culture, Stuttgart shows a proud face, which might be seen as some kind of compensation for the lack of classic student life.

Author: Janine Albrecht

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