Learning by Ear listeners′ reactions | Learning by Ear | DW | 10.12.2010
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Learning by Ear

Learning by Ear listeners' reactions

From Mozambique to Senegal, from Burkina Faso to Tanzania, our listeners all over Africa are saying: listen and learn!


Learning by Ear’s great partnership with 254 partner radio stations in Africa has enabled a wide reach of audiences. We love to hear from our listeners and we would like to share here your comments and feedback.

“We all learn by listening. When we attend school classes, we listen to the teacher. In the same way we listen to the radio and learn.”
Joaquim Alberto Chissano
Former President | Mozambique

“With Learning by Ear, young people have the chance to learn something new every day, just as they would in school. Radio is the ideal medium to transport important issues and ideas.”
Youssou N’Dour
Musician | Senegal

"I really like Learning by Ear. You really keep at it when following the developments in our society. Your program shows that education is not only available in the school or at home, but that a radio station can also educate society."
Mourtala Saidon
Listener | Niger

Nelson Pereira, Mozambique

Nelson Pereira, Mozambique

"The shows really help educate. I have learned a lot myself by listening to the different programs."
Nelson Pereira
Coordinator of Rádio Trans Mundial | Mozambique

“In my opinion, Learning by Ear is a wonderful concept for Africa – because in Africa it’s what is heard that’s important. Knowledge is passed along verbally.”
Félix Koffi Amétépé
Journalist | Burkina Faso

“Thank you very much for initiating Learning by Ear. I am sure many people who share the same thoughts as me on the programming will have amazing things to say on how it helped and changed their lives.”
Kabir Idris Pindiga
Listener | Nigeria

“I want to thank Deutsche Welle for the hard work required in preparing the Learning by Ear programs aimed at teaching the youth about HIV/AIDS. This program also helps me to learn more about HIV and how to protect myself against the disease. I am sure that any boy or girl who listens to this program will be better able to protect themselves.”

Ester Gasau
Listener | Tanzania

Christine Luzolo, Kongo and Germany

Christine Luzolo, Kongo and Germany

“Going to school, knowing how to read and write has always been a given to me. But thinking of other girls and women like my grandmother, who is illiterate, I can‘t think of a word that expresses how much I respect this important radio drama ‘Literacy’.”
Christine Luzolo
Listener | Kongo and Germany

“The programming includes information and advice that should be taken seriously by everyone – not just today’s youth. That is unprecedented.”
Gremah Boukar
President of Radio Amfani | Niger

Sonya Agua, Ruanda

Sonya Agua, Ruanda

“Working for Learning by Ear has been a great experience.
It’s good to know that I can help others with my work.”
Sonya Agua
Actress | Ruanda

“I really like the radionovela ‘Computers and Internet’.
It feels like I am starting to learn about IT.”
Diamantino Maria da Silva
Listener | Guinea-Bissau

“We are involved in a cultural struggle for education. And we are using radio to move the African society forward with the help of the government and Deutsche Welle.”
Sidy Diagne
Director of Radio Dunyya | Senegal