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Learning by Ear is also available as a podcast

April 29, 2014

Learning by Ear is DW’s multimedia learning program for Africa. Subscribe to the podcasts and listen to DW’s radio dramas and feature series about various topics. The new series Crossroads Generation is also available.


Crossroads Generation

Crossroads Generation takes the listeners on a journey through the every day lives of four African teenagers who meet at school: Mercy, Niki, Dan and Trudy. They come from different backgrounds and each of them faces some difficult challenges: Mercy wants to prove to her parents that going to school is better than getting married early. Dan is from another country and has to find his way in the new surroundings. Niki is good at school but has certain difficulties with matters of love. And Trudy…well, Trudy sometimes plays some interesting games to reach her goals. Join them as they make decisions and face the consequences of their actions.

Crossroads Generation (Illustration)
Image: DW

Political Education and Participation

Politics does not only mean parliament and government. Political participation begins at home. To commit oneself to one’s own neighborhood can make the difference. More and more Africans are joining the quest for a better Africa. Find out more about civil society, migration and political participation with DW’s series and radio dramas.

Learning by Ear - Political Education and Participation - Getting involved
Image: gettyimages

Health and Social Issues

Almost two million Africans are infected with HIV each year. Malaria kills almost one million Africans every year. Both diseases are easily preventable. Learning by Ear wishes to put an end to the ignorance about AIDS and Malaria. We give advice on family planning and we explain how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The programs are made to be entertaining and informative.

Learning by Ear - Economy
Image: Paul Hahn | LAI F

Economy and Environment

If you want to know how society works or how globalization impacts Africa, don’t miss our radio dramas about economy. Africa contributes very little to climate change but is still confronted with the impacts. Learning by Ear explores the relationship between people and the environment in Africa. We talk about desertification, deforestation and overfishing - presenting the problems and the solutions.

Learning by Ear - HIV/Aids - Preventing the plague
Image: laif
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