Languages | Admissions | DW | 11.09.2014
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Deutsche Welle is an international broadcaster, offering information in 30 languages. As a result, our trainees are equally international, feeling at home in different cultures and working in different languages.

You need to be multilingual if you're aiming to take part in DW's traineeship - you'll be working in English as well as another DW broadcast language. You also need to be proficient in German because our seminars are held in German and English.

Language prerequisites

• Native speakers of a DW program language with a good, working knowledge of both English and German.
• English native speakers with a good working knowledge of German 

Proof of language skills
• When applying online we ask you to estimate your language skills according to the criteria we list.
• In the second stage of the application process we ask you to provide samples of your work in English and/or German.
• In the third stage (assessment center) exercises are conducted in English and German. Your proficiency in other languages such as Arabic, Chinese or Spanish is judged by DW editors who are native speakers.
• The selection interview in the fourth and final stage is conducted in German or English.

DW recommends

Ramon Garcia-Ziemsen DW Akademie

Ramón García-Ziemsen

Head, Journalism Training

T: +49.228.429-2242