Kosovo: A Controversial Release | European Journal | DW | 07.08.2013
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European Journal

Kosovo: A Controversial Release

Next summer, the EU Commission hopes to begin talks with Kosovo about an association agreement. One of the conditions of that agreement is that Kosovo must reconcile its differences with neighboring Serbia. But a new Kosovo amnesty law is causing controversy.

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The law would grant an amnesty to about 40,000 Serbs who'd worked for illegal Serbian institutions in the region -- including the police and the judiciary.But there will also be an amesty for Kosovo Albanians convicted of various crimes. Journalists and intellectuals are accusing the government of using the amnesty to avoid responsibility for some serious accusations. The amnesty may also include criminals who are now under investigation by the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in Kosovo. The mission's primary goal is to work with Kosovo authorities to help root out corruption and organized crime.