KINO: The year 2016 in movies | Film | DW | 16.12.2016
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KINO: The year 2016 in movies

What were the highlights? Which were the most successful? Here's a review of the author's personal favorites.

"My King" doesn't appear on any list of the commercially most successful films of the year, neither in Germany nor internationally - but it's my favorite film. Although there are year-end lists of the most successful, most popular, most beautiful films, but one has to be reminded that there is no "best film of the year" - nor could there be one. A person's taste in movies is unique and subjective.

Kuerten Jochen Kommentarbild App

Jochen Kürten

Pets or…

So this is an entirely subjective list of my "10 favorite movies," headed by "My King," an enchanting French melodrama. The others are listed in alphabetical order. I chose only films shown in German cinemas. With the exception of "The End," which ran only at Germany's premier film festival, the Berlinale, all the movies on this list could be viewed at normal movie theaters in Germany.

The Revenant: artistically crafted and commerically successful

Among Germany's top ten most commercially successful films, only "The Revenant" made it on to my list. Other leading commercial successes include Hollywood's animated animal movies, aka "Pets," "Zoomania," "Finding Dory" and "Ice Age 5."

Filmszene Willkommen bei den Hartmanns (picture-alliance/dpa/Foto: Warner Bros. Ent)

'Welcome to the Hartmann's' was a surprising success in German cinemas

Then there are the latest super hero movies from the Marvel universe, the Harry Potter offshoot "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," the British wheelchair melodrama "Me Before You," and two movies from Germany: the refugee comedy "Welcome to the Hartmann's" and the kid's movie "Bibi & Tina."

A look back and forward

The latest edition of KINO also offers a review of the "Year in Movies 2016." There you'll find the KINO editors' favorites, highlights of the big festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Venice and other stunners and disappointments of the year.

Film La la Land (picture-alliance/AP Photo/D. Robinette)

Something to look forward to in 2017: 'La La Land'

Last but not least, KINO is wagering a bet on films in the coming year - one that will kick off with a fury. January 12 marks the opening of a movie in Germany which I already bet will appear in "My Favorite Movies of 2017:" the American musical "La La Land."


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