KINO FAVORITES: The Best Berlin Movies | Film | DW | 09.01.2017
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KINO FAVORITES: The Best Berlin Movies

The Top 10 Berlin movies. KINO Favorites presents the best Berlin films. From the roaring twenties to the reunited city - via the Nazi era and Cold War - Berlin has always been ready for it's close-up.

Choosing ten Berlin movies for our representative list was a tough task. German and international cinema has paid hommage to the city countless times. Berlin was a center of early filmmaking and its turbulent history has made it an inspiration for generations of movie makers. 

From the roaring twenties to the rise of the Nazis and the Second World War, followed by the division of Germany and the Cold War through to reunification, there are more than a million stories in this celluloid city. Come with us on this cinematic journey through the city's turbulent history. Berlin is ready for its close-up.

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