Kim Thúy: The Voice of the Others | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 01.05.2020
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Kim Thúy: The Voice of the Others

Living between two worlds is a key theme in Kim Thúy's novels. When she was ten years old, she fled with her family from Vietnam to Canada. became a lawyer, a restaurant owner and author. We meet up with a fascinating storyteller.

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Living between two worlds, finding a home as a refugee. That is the subject of Kim Thúy's novels. She was ten years old when her family fled from Vietnam to a refugee camp and then to Canada. Despite her early traumatic experiences she has had a successful career in Canada - as a lawyer, translator, presenter, restaurant owner and author. She writes about women who stand their ground, but she's also written a cookbook entitled "Secrets from My Vietnamese Kitchen". Kim Thúy's success story epitomizes the Canadian idea of integration through personal achievement. Her books have been translated into numerous languages. In 2018 she was shortlisted for the alternative Nobel Prize for literature. A meeting with a fascinating storyteller and unconditional optimist.