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German Book Prize

August 19, 2010

Bookworms are in for a treat following the German Book Prize Jury's announcement of its top 20 nominees. Find out which authors are turning heads in the German literary world.

A stack of books
The prize recognizes the best contemporary writers from Germany, Austria or SwitzerlandImage: AP

Annually, the German Book Prize recognizes the year's best German-language novel. The winner is selected by a seven-member jury, consisting of literary critics, journalists and other prominent figures in the publishing industry. Authors are nominated by jury members as well as publishers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The list can even include unpublished books, provided they'll be on the shelves by September.

This week, the jury announced its long list of 20 novels nominated for the prize that will be awarded on October 4 in conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair. Just recently published in German, the nominated novels are not yet available in English. However, Deutsche Welle compiled a list of those who have other books in translation.

German Book Prize winner Kathrin Schmidt holds her novel up at the award ceremony
Kathrin Schmidt won the prize in 2009 with "You're Not Going to Die"Image: AP

Alina Bronsky
"Broken Glass Park" - Publisher: Europa Editions, ISBN: 1933372966 (2010)

Thomas Hettche
"The Arbogast Case" - Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN: 0374138125 (2003)
"What We Are Made Of" - Publisher: Macmillan UK, ISBN: 0330452076 (2008)

Michael Kleeberg
"The King of Corsica" - Publisher: Other Press, ISBN: 1590512561 (2008)

Andreas Maier
"Klausen" - Publisher: Open Letter, ISBN: 193482416X (2010)

Martin Mosebach
"Heresy of Formlessness" - Publisher: Ignatius Press, ISBN: 1586171275 (2006)

Doron Rabinovici
"The Search for M" - Publisher: Ariadne Pr, ISBN: 1572410884 (2000)

Hans Joachim Schaedlich
"Eastwestberlin" - Publisher: Exile Editions, ISBN: 1550960083 (1992)

Other authors from the long list for the German Book Prize:

Jan Faktor
Nino Haratischwili
Michael Koehlmeier
Thomas Lehr
Mariana Leky
Nicol Ljubic
Kristof Magnusson
Olga Martynova
Melinda Nadj Abonji
Andreas Schaefer
Peter Wawerzinek
Judith Zander
Joachim Zelter

Editor: Kate Bowen