John Neumeier – a life for dance | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 20.05.2018
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John Neumeier – a life for dance

Half German, half American – choreographer John Neumeier has revolutionized ballet and led his ensemble to world fame. Meet the man who has dedicated his life to dance.

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He's created over 150 pieces for the best companies in the world. Many have become classics. John Neumeier has been leading Hamburg's ballet for over 40 years now – first as head choreographer, and since 1996 as intendant. The German-American has guided dance in the northern German city in a totally new direction. Along the way, he's helped his ensemble reach worldwide acclaim.

Arts 21 had chance to meet the most senior ballet boss in the world and talk to him about success, his relationship with the US, his efforts to foster the next generation of dancers, his love of Russian art, and his latest brilliant ballet "Anna Karenina".