Jana Pareigis, TV Presenter & Journalist | Talking Germany | DW | 04.10.2013
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Talking Germany

Jana Pareigis, TV Presenter & Journalist

Jana Pareigis is one of the faces of DW’s German-language Journal news show. Since July 2010 the 32 year old has been a presenter for the German foreign broadcaster's flagship news program.

The Hamburg-born moderator with German, Swedish and Zimbabwean roots studied political science and African studies. We speak with her on Talking Germany about issues of identity and cultural diversity.

The journalist has lived in Berlin for eight years. She likes the city for its international quality. Tourists from around the world meet Berlin residents of all nationalities. It’s a cultural melting pot that fits excellently with Jana’s diverse roots. Immediately after her birth in 1981 in Hamburg, she was adopted by German-Swedish parents. She went to school in Hamburg and still loves her home city. After finishing school, she went to Zimbabwe for a year – the county where her father, whom she never knew, comes from. She did volunteer work with children in Harare and took her first steps as a journalist. Since 2010 Jana Pareigis has presented the German-language news on Deutsche Welle. As a journalist, she wants to understand the world - not just to report the news, but to tell the stories of the people behind it.