ISAF soldier killed by Afghan in uniform | News | DW | 08.01.2013
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ISAF soldier killed by Afghan in uniform

A British ISAF soldier has been shot in what seems to be another "insider attack" against foreign troops. The incident comes just days before Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is due to attend talks in Washington.

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) released only prelimary information on Tuesday about the shooting involving one of its soldiers in Helmand province.

"An individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform turned his weapon against International Security Assistance Force service members in southern Afghanistan yesterday, killing one," ISAF said in a statement, which ít released a day after the attack took place.

The victim was from the United Kingdom.

Killings of foreign troops by Afghans in uniform spiked last year- 61 insider attacks were counted, in comparison with 35 a year earlier. Although the Taliban claims that such attacks are planned by supporters, Afghan officials and ISAF counter that many are the bloody outcome of personal grudges.

Around 100,000 foreign troops are currently working with Afghan security forces but tensions are running high. "Guardian angel" troops now often watch over their interactions in a bid to prevent violent incidents.

President Hamid Karzai is due to meet with his American counterpart Barack Obama at the White House. Later this week, the two are to engage in talks centered around the long-term security compact between Kabul and Washington.

sej/kms (AP, AFP)