IS: Syrians Seek Refuge in Germany | Reporter - On Location | DW | 17.10.2015
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IS: Syrians Seek Refuge in Germany

A growing number of Syrians are fleeing from the IS stronghold Raqqa. Mustafa Suleiman is among those trying to bring his family to safety. His plan is to come to Germany via the Balkan route with his wife and three children - a perilous undertaking.

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Mustafa Suleiman had only one thing in mind: to get his family out of the IS stronghold of Al Raqqa. Like hundreds of thousands of other Syrians, he chose a quieter part of the border to escape to Turkey. The next step for him, his wife and three children is to reach Germany via the Balkan route. This will involve crossing the Mediterranean in an inflatable boat and a series of further borders. He is not sure what awaits him in Germany, but has high hopes of a new start there. Will he and his family make it to Germany?

Fleeing IS Terror - The Long Road to Germany
Report by Viktoria Kleber.