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Argentina's High Price For Lithium

June 23, 2023

Argentina has been in economic crisis for years, increasing the need for foreign investment. Its lithium supply is in demand internationally, but critics fear the environment will pay the price.

Bolivien Chile Argentinien Lithium-Dreieck


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Courageous group of women battles the timber mafia in India

The illegal timber trade is a huge industry in Jharkhand that forests have already fallen victim to. Jamuna Tudu’s village is an exception because women there have been fighting for decades to preserve the forest.




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Chimpanzees struggle to return to the wild in Guinea

Deforestation, poaching and mining have devastated the chimp population in Guinea. But smuggled baby chimps found there may end up in a conservation center, where they’re cared for before being released back into the wild.




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How peat in the US could help fight climate change

Peat is the Earth’s best CO2 reservoir - but only when it’s under water. That’s why efforts are underway to raise water levels in marshes in the US state of Virginia. The project is a boon for species conservation and climate protection.




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