′Intangible Heritage′: From pizzas to windmills and traditional horse games | All media content | DW | 03.12.2017
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'Intangible Heritage': From pizzas to windmills and traditional horse games

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee is to decide what cultural treasures should be added to its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity -— a celebration of human diversity. DW presents some of the nominations.

The World Heritage Committee is set to choose from among 34 candidates seeking to be added to the list, which currently includes 365 traditions, including Indonesian batik, Turkish oil wrestling and the Mongolian coaxing ritual for camels.

This year's nominations cover a wide range of cultural practices, from weaving, wall painting and cuisine to various kinds of games.

The list, established in 2003, mainly aims to raise awareness of traditions that are sometimes in danger of falling into oblivion.

The committee's meeting on the South Korean island of Jeju starts on Monday and will last until Friday.