Instructions on how to make a marble lantern | Euromaxx - DIY | DW | 19.07.2017
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Euromaxx DIY

Instructions on how to make a marble lantern

Hi and welcome to Euromaxx DIY. Today we’ve got a great lantern project for you. It’s made of marbles and we’ll show you how you can do it yourself.

You'll need

  • an old CD
  • a glue gun and
  • about 150 marbles of any color you like


Begin by gluing marbles all the way around the edge of the CD.

Make sure to put glue on the sides of the marbles too, so the whole thing is stable.

Hot glue cools and hardens very quickly, so take care in placing the marbles.


The first row should look about like this.

Glue the next row on top of the first. 

Glue as many rows as you like.


You can already get an idea of how it will look like in the end.

Now you just have to remove excess glue - and finished.

Drop in a candle, and the lantern is good to go.




Multi-colored marbles make great light effects

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